Photographic Restoration

Yes, we can restore your photographs!

With the use of the latest digital software, creases, holes and even broken glass can be removed from a treasured picture and then reprinted.
We can also supply you with a digital copy for you to keep and reprint as required.
If in doubt we examine the photograph first and will not charge if we believe beyond help.  Although, you may be amazed at what can be restored!

It is a flat rate of £20 for this service, plus the cost of the print you choose.

Examples of what can be done:

Digitally removed creases and clean off speckles of dirt.

In some cases images need to be completely ditigally rebuilt.  But if this is the last image of a loved one , the time is worth the effort.

Images can become water damaged and stuck to glass, the below was a photograph that was stuck to broken glass.  It was not possible to remove the original from the glass without destroying it, so we scanned it through the glass and digitally restored.