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May 2017 onwards

Price madness!  Photoshoot mini sessions for an amazing price of £10.

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We're offering a no nonsense approach to get your family some cracking images.


  1. 20 minutes of studio time  (perfect for small families and couples)
  2. Your personal password protected Online gallery


Unlike some of the large companies there is no further sales pressure or expectation from Expressive Photography.  Where other companies will entice you in for a low cost to then say they will delete your images that you do not purchase today, that is not how we do business.   

If you do wish to purchase images and products after that is up to you, this can easily be done through your personal password protected gallery that will be online for one week.

"What's the catch?" you are asking, 'I bet they charge inflated print prices!'

No catch, unlike other companies we do not charge around £50 for the smallest print, you will not need personal finance to buy a handful of prints from us.  A 10x8inch print from your shoot is under £10.  Look at our pricing page to see, we are open and honest with our pricing.

 "Will 20 minutes be long enough?" 

Mostly the answer is yes, we aim to get you about 20-30 images edited from the shoot to place in your gallery.  The shoot will be lively and fun, try it, it's only a tenner!

  This will not be enough time for baby shoots, cake smashes, pregnancy shots, portfolios or larger groups.

If in doubt, give us a call first to discuss your needs.

The small 'big' print:  Important things to note if you book this:

1. £10 is cash on arrival.  Other payment methods £11 (we are charged per transaction)

2. We will be strict on shoot time. 20 minutes. (we have to be fair on everyone)

3. If you are late for your appointment you may miss your time slot (call us so we can see if we can still slot you in or rearrange, we do understand problems happen, we are parents too!).

4. If you book and do not attend without giving 24hours notice we will send you an invoice for the lost session. (Sorry, but we will be setup and waiting for you and we are a business)

5. One session booking per client, per day.  (come back as many times as you like while the offer is available, just not on the same day!)

6. Fun must be had at all time.  Smile, laugh, jump, blow raspberries and pretend no-one can see you!

7. Laugh at the Photographer's jokes.  Even when he's not funny!

8. The online gallery will be available for one week after the date the images are uploaded. (We get charged per the  amount of images we upload so have to restrict this.  If you do require longer we will charge £10 per extra week)

Our standard Portrait shoot costing £50 may suite you better because:

. We do not limit studio time

. You receive free prints

. You have a personal presentation

. Your gallery is available for three months (min)


From March 2017 Till further notice

A free passport photograph for any of our clients who have booked a full portrait session with us.  

This is valid for one year from the day of your shoot and one passport *image per shoot.

*6 of the same image printed or a single digital image 

Normally £5 per person