Weekday evening workshops

David is a photographer who’s shot many weddings and portraits for the last 25 years.

David started up his own photography brand Expressive Photography in 2008.
He has studied studio lighting photography, wedding photography and digital editing over the last 12 years and opened a small studio for Expressive Photography in Hilton in 2016.

David loves sharing his knowledge and is putting workshops together where photographers can grow together and have fun in the process.

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Next workshop dates  are:

Tuesday 22nd Jan 7pm-10pm  ** Fully Booked**

Tuesday 5th Feb    7pm-10pm 

Video by Ian Barstow, Draycott Photography

1. Portrait Lighting Basics


* A photographer who has a basic understanding of the controls and menu of their camera.  You will be asked to switch to manual and adjust Aperture , ISO & Shutter speed.


* A photographer who wishes to gain experience with controlling their light in order to create simple, beautiful, well lit portraits.


A photographer who wishes to expand their knowledge and repertoire. 


By spending just a few hours with David and his model in the studio you will see how he creates  artistic images using step by step simple studio lighting techniques.  

You will have some hands on time yourself with your camera and his model to reproduce the effects and help build your own portrait and skills portfolio.

Course topics

* Choosing a light source

* Connecting your camera to a studio light

* Colour balance

* Getting the correct exposure

* Lighting your subject

* Posing your subject

Equipment you require

a. Digital or Film SLR.

b. CSC Camera.

c. Advanced compact camera.

    *The camera must have a hot-shoe to connect the trigger and full manual control of settings.

Don’t forget your memory card and a fully charged battery!

£30 per person. 


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